So, you’ve finally decided to take the more traditional route and buy your very own small wood stove. Great! While there are more trendy new alternatives, such as electric or even pellet stoves, none can replace the vast benefits of wood stoves. We can all agree on loving the crackling sound of wood as it burns, which brings a sense of peace.

In addition, although traditional, modern wood stoves come in plenty of grandiose designs that make them a perfect fit in any type of residence or room you place them in. From being a more sustainable form of heating to being the most cost-efficient, wood stoves are just perfect for some of us.

However, most homeowners often fail to remember that wood stoves come with or require essential accessories specifically designed to tackle various needs or even add more aesthetics to the whole decor. Not to mention how some of these essentials do an excellent job of keeping you safe.

From heat-powered stove fans to simple stove gloves and log baskets, read on as I list the essentials every small wood stove owner needs to elevate its beauty, keep the stove working with optimal performance and more.

Before we start, I just wanted to add that all the essential accessories that have made it on this list are those I personally own and have found to serve their purpose well. Now, without any further delays, let’s head straight to the essentials that every homeowner with a wood stove needs.

Stove Gloves

I’m not sure if you’re even concerned about your safety if you do not own a pair of heat-resistant gloves (stove gloves) to wear while you work with your wood stoves. This is one of the most basic accessories you should consider buying since, for starters, we all know how these wood stoves produce seriously high temperatures in order to provide exceptional heating to the whole room.

In addition, you have to load wood and make the necessary adjustments to the stove occasionally, so operating without heat-resistant stove gloves puts you at risk of severe burns. From operating the burner to refueling the stove, I couldn’t imagine doing it with 100% confidence without proper stove gloves.

Secondly, I’ve had my share of minor yet annoyingly painful injuries from the splinters on wood. It’s rough on the hands if you work without gloves and besides, a proper glove offers great grip in case the wood is slippery, too. Since you need to wear your gloves while handling the wood/logs, ensure the stove gloves are made of heat-resistant materials and are durable enough to let you safely carry the firewood.

Log Basket/Storage

The next on the list is a log storage or a basket that you would thank me later for if you haven’t got one yet. So many things can happen to wood if you’ve carelessly stored it on the ground or without proper protection.

To highlight some of the troubles you’re bound to face in the absence of log storage/basket, it would be:

  • Improperly stored wood is sure to absorb and retain moisture, so when it is time to burn, it will burn inefficiently.
  • Improper storage is bound to hinder the drying stage of freshly cut wood.
  • Improper storage of wood escalates the chances of pest infestation.
  • Firewood lying around is a tripping hazard for kids and adults alike.

Log storage will benefit you greatly if you’re like me and need consistent heating. Not only do they keep the wood dry and protected from any pest infestation, but having this accessory near your wood stove gives you easy access to the wood for refueling, ultimately allowing you to stay in your comfortable place and saving time.

In addition, I’ve noticed that having log storage gives me a proper idea of when to restock. Hence, I never run out of heat in the house. And for what it’s worth, it also adds a classic touch to the whole aesthetic of the room.


Tongs are one of the most essential accessories when it comes to operating your wood stove, regardless of their size. Firstly, they’re irreplaceable when it comes to grabbing hold of logs and moving them safely. These tools also give you great precision while placing the logs in the preferred area inside the wood stove. In addition, you’ll need tongs to carefully and safely stoke the fire.

On that note, if you’ve been stoking the fire with your hands while wearing heat-resistant gloves, I’d suggest you stop that immediately and invest in a high-quality tong. Even though you’ve safely wrapped your arms with stove gloves, putting your hand inside burning heat still poses a risk for severe burns.

Additionally, no matter how well I’ve tried placing the firewood in the preferred area without a tong while refueling, it gets really hot during the adjustment, so it’s never really placed right. This has caused inefficient burning in the past, so I usually don’t operate without a proper tong now.

Plenty of cost-efficient quality tongs in the market today offer durability, great grip and good length that give you a safe distance away from all the heat while stoking or refueling firewood. Make sure you always own one to ensure safety first.

Ash bucket/bin

Imagine if you’ve never cleaned out your wood stove the next morning after a whole day of burning firewood. Without a dedicated ash bucket or bin, the ash would pile up and create a mess you wouldn’t want right in your most favored room. Besides, improper ash disposal can cause health concerns since it’ll be scattered in the indoor wind and you’ll most likely inhale the particles, which can be even more severe for people with respiratory issues.

Regardless, the removal of ash from the wood stoves is essential since it ensures the stove functions optimally. What you would want to do is buy a proper ash bucket/bin that is durable and heat resistant. These types are usually made from metal and can handle the emergency disposal of hot ashes, offering convenience, saving your wood stove and protecting the flooring and surfaces in the case of spillage.

In any case, I wouldn’t say that I’ve had to deal with hot ash before since it would always be cooled when collecting the next day. However, since there was no proper storage, I used and wasted many plastic bags each day. Now, I can just collect several days’ worth of ash in the bin, stopping me from wasting and using more plastic than I need to.

Stove Thermometer

Another essential tool every homeowner who owns a wood stove needs to look into is a good stove thermometer. While I now realize what I’ve been missing out on prior to buying a stove thermometer, which is getting the fire to burn efficiently and not wasting more wood than I should’ve, it was a great learning experience.

What I mean by burning efficiently and not wasting more wood is that a stove thermometer will help you maintain the best burning temperature to avoid using more wood and offer efficient burning. Ever experienced too much wood but highly minimal heat output?

In addition, without a stove thermometer, you’re basically playing with fire since the wood burning at low temperatures rather than optimal creates and builds up creosote (a highly harmful and flammable by-product) in your chimneys, which is pretty dangerous.

Other than the traditional feel, owning a wood stove rather than the fancy stoves in the market today is all about “cost-efficiency,” but that’s not possible if you’re spending way more on wood than you should. There’s also the case of your wood stove getting overheated since there’s no way you can suddenly figure out what temperature the fuel is burning on most times, risking damage to numerous objects.

In the end, owning a stove thermometer is as crucial as investing in a wood stove.


Often, people casually assume that pokers and tongs are the same. While they offer some similarities, it is essential to own both since they serve different purposes. However, either of these tools would work if you cannot simply spare a few bucks.

Pokers are particularly good at adjusting the wood or repositioning it within the fire, which can be done with tongs as well, yet they serve another distinct purpose, which is breaking down the larger pieces of wood to help with better airflow and combustion.

Additionally, pokers are long, sturdy metal rods, offering better distance when stoking the fire and offering great safety. This tool can also give you more control over the fire, aiding in achieving your preferred heat by allowing efficient burning.

Heat-Powered Stove Fan

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of purchasing a heat-powered stove fan; it was one of the best investments I could’ve made. As you might’ve guessed, uneven heating is a dire issue faced by most of us with small wood stoves. The heat is usually intense around the stove itself and while it spreads eventually, it always takes too long, or the heat is non-existent in some parts of the room, usually the corners that are much further away from the stove.

After installing the heat-powered stove fan (Self-powered) that I hesitantly invested in, I immediately noticed the difference in circulation. While the stove fans don’t instantly warm up the desired room, they do take much shorter and distribute the heat evenly.

What these stove fans do is, instead of letting the heat rise, they push the heat outwards and let it circulate around the room, elevating the efficiency of warming the entire area. In addition, if you’re worried about noise since we’ve all had the displeasure of working with some of the noisiest ones in other scenarios, these stove fans are generally noiseless and come in compact designs.

And the best part? As the name suggests, these heat-powered stove fans don’t require electricity or power. Not only are you elevating the efficiency of your stove, but you are also saving extra costs as well. They use the heat generated by the stove and automatically start spinning as soon as your wood stove heats up.

Ash Vacuum

People don’t talk about ash vacuums as much as I expected and it’s clearly confusing to me. In my opinion, it is undoubtedly a “must-have” tool for anyone who craves convenience as well as prioritizes efficient cleaning and health. It’s pretty challenging to scoop up all the cold ashes from the stove after a whole day of heating and to ensure optimal performance of your stove, it needs to be cleaned appropriately and consistently.

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the numerous health concerns leading to the inhalation of ash. I mentioned this because while scooping up the ash from inside the stove, we sometimes drop ash on the floor and decide to sweep it. Much like dust, ash can become airborne when swept, potentially spreading through the air. If you decide to clean it with a regular vacuum, you risk safety since the heating elements inside regular vacuums could ignite the ash particles.

With a proper ash vacuum, not only are you enjoying the convenience and efficiency of removing ash, but since they are designed to collect ash, you risk nothing. Additionally, modern ash vacuums are more durable in handling harsh materials and are built to withstand challenges that regular ones can’t, so it’s quite an investment.

Wrapping Up

Choosing to buy all the essential accessories for your small wood stove can make all the difference you’ve been missing out on. Not only do they elevate the efficiency of your small wood stove and enhance its performance, but also help maintain it through the years, ultimately saving you time and money.

While the investment may seem intimidating at first, I know for a fact that it’ll be worth every penny once you have these tools ready at your disposal. I hope this list helps!

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